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Category Archives: Music

Currently in repeat mode: “Andar” off the EP Espasoul from sould band Chillitees. From YT:  “Shot almost entirely with wide angle GoProCameras in 9 locations all over the Philippines. We’re all still noobies, really stoked about longboarding, hoping to get better everyday.”


The vid is a bit off, but the the lyrics couldn’t get more straightforward. Here, “Murasaki Blues” by The Dorques.

The use of pop imagery and underground youth diversions like skateboarding and comics make Bamboo’s “Muli” an interesting watch, that is if you have time to excuse the video’s requisite emo undertones.

For something refreshing: “Candy” by Paolo Nutini.

And who knew, something interesting from Francis M prodigy Gloc9 featuring Jeazell of Zelle.

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a little something called “21 Guns” from, who else, Green Day.

Currently on repeat mode: From Bob Sinclair and Sugarhill Gang, a catchy upper for gloomy mornings like this:

And now a digression to give way to today’s biggest question: could the more visually-pleasing Bing be finally the ultimate Google killer? TechCrunch doesn’t think so, but an article from NYPost details Google co-founder Sergey Brin as supposedly being “gripped in fear” with Bing’s launch.

Loving the beat: “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas

And here, something called “Paranoid” from the ubiquitous Jonas Brothers. The song sucks, but it sticks to your brain like an awful sci-fi character that wouldn’t die.

Currrently in repeat mode: “Waves” by Marjorie Fair

Currently on repeat mode: “Boogie Mo” by Bembol Rockers.

Plus, something from John Mayer: I couldn’t get Taylor Swift on my record so I found the world’s greatest impersonator, Laura Jacksheimer, here.

Time for that overlooked musical genre: world music. And who better to represent it than Manu Chao?