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Props to those whose boredom is converted into something like this:

On an entirely sad note: ‘Kung-Fu’ actor David Carradine found hanged in Thai hotel


Questions that do not necessarily beg any decent answer: (1) Considering the physical nature of urban Manila, isn’t it a tad too redundant to pay $30 just to learn Parkour? and (2) Isn’t getting around the metro itself an advanced form of Parkour?


A new sport is getting more and more popular in the Philippines. It’s not exactly a team sport… but the thrill of the jump is attracting many.

It’s an urban workout like no other – Parkour – which translates to “the art of moving” – is becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines with enthusiasts signing up across the country.

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In recent days, any form of advocacy — at least in these parts — has become almost synonymous to one thing: political gimmickry. Almost always, behind each supposed advocacy group is one trapo with an ambition to further his/her political career. Thanks to political PR groups, these premature campaign materials take Filipinos as pea-brained nimwits bereft of the slightest sense of logic.

This ad, for example, has been appearing on primetime spots on TV for quite a bit now.

Notwithstanding its vagueness and sheer lack of clarity, all that’s in it are loser celebrities and some priest reciting inanities. It doesn’t help that its website doesn’t offer anything substantive either. Maybe, just maybe, people behind this movement can do everybody a favor by not just reciting, but actually doing this:

Ako Mismo

sign_language_stickers1No need to talk out you problems anymore. Stick to any co-worker or office surface to get that message across. 75% more finger and crotch than other sticker sets!

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