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Monthly Archives: July 2009

This counts as the most ludicrous thing ever conceived by the most ludicrous of government agencies.

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Too, the same ludicrous agency has just launched a new drive to promote censorship by SMS, here. Whatever happened to parents’ responsibility to watch over what their kids see on TV? If you don’t want what you’re seeing on TV, the most logical thing for you to do is switch channels. Sex and violence are by themselves very interesting topics, so if you don’t want your kids to see either of the two, then guard what they view on TV. This ludicrous agency takes people for morons, big-time, especially when taken in the context of how it has took it upon itself to wage a public (if not ridiculous) battle against the screening of certain films at the supposedly censorship-free UP Film Institute.


The vid is a bit off, but the the lyrics couldn’t get more straightforward. Here, “Murasaki Blues” by The Dorques.

Walter CronkiteWalter Cronkite, who as one of America’s most trusted TV newsmen informed CBS viewers about the Kennedy assassination, the moon landing, Vietnam and more, died Friday July 17, 2009.

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Anyone knows The Sartorialist? That website with photos of fashionable pedestrians splashed all over? Here’s how you fare on the probability of getting included in there, if you care at all.


Viral marketing couldn’t get more viral than this cute advert from upscale bottled water Evian, featuring babies rollerblading across the park to the tune of hip-hop.

Lola Techie is so web 2.0-proficient, one can follow her in Plurk, Twitter, Facebook, and Multiply. Certainly beats most college students stuck with ancient Friendster. Start stalking her from her own page here.


Speaking of oldies, news bit for Mommy Dionesia fans: She stars in a new ad for a popular alcoholic drink, with son Manny, here.

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