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Monthly Archives: June 2009

The use of pop imagery and underground youth diversions like skateboarding and comics make Bamboo’s “Muli” an interesting watch, that is if you have time to excuse the video’s requisite emo undertones.

For something refreshing: “Candy” by Paolo Nutini.

And who knew, something interesting from Francis M prodigy Gloc9 featuring Jeazell of Zelle.

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a little something called “21 Guns” from, who else, Green Day.


On a magical night in 1983, Michael Jackson struck a pose on stage, clasping the black fedora on his head with his white sequined glove. His black jacket and silver vest glittered as white socks showed under his high-water black pants. Then he erupted into a flurry of fluid dance moves in a performance of Billie Jean that would catapult the former child singing sensation into full-blown superstardom.

Probably no celebrity has been as revered and reviled over the past 40 years as Jackson, 50, who died Thursday in Los Angeles. The troubled, reclusive star was rushed to UCLA Medical Center by paramedics responding to a call from his home at about 12:30 p.m.

For Father’s Day, a soldier fighting rebels in Mindanao returns to his home in Manila, only to be shot dead by his 6-year-old son.

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Currently on repeat mode: From Bob Sinclair and Sugarhill Gang, a catchy upper for gloomy mornings like this:

And now a digression to give way to today’s biggest question: could the more visually-pleasing Bing be finally the ultimate Google killer? TechCrunch doesn’t think so, but an article from NYPost details Google co-founder Sergey Brin as supposedly being “gripped in fear” with Bing’s launch.

Loving the beat: “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas

And here, something called “Paranoid” from the ubiquitous Jonas Brothers. The song sucks, but it sticks to your brain like an awful sci-fi character that wouldn’t die.

June 12 in RP is filthy-rich (from political careers spent on stealing) and ageing trapos raising the flag early in the morning in spots of historical significance, while everybody else is rolling their eyes in boredom and apathy.

Speaking of nationalism, another old (but still bullshit-y) attempt at patriotism, here.

Happy Independence Day, if there is ever such a thing.

On the sheer fruitlessness of trapo– and church-organized street rallies (re: against, say, a house resolution on charter change by constituent assembly), the dean of the San Beda Law remarked, “These rallies do not take up any constitutional or legal issues. They are just pretexts to vent one’s political rage at one’s political enemies.”

Couldn’t have said it better.

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On a (slightly) unrelated note, a teenager with an IQ of 46 in the US was sentenced to 100 years in prison in a sex abuse case against him. While this may make for an interesting case study for law students, it also highlights a very disconcerting irony: while retards go to prison in other countries, convicted plunderers and child rapists in the Philippines are perennially granted parole.

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From Yahoo!, a nostalgic lookback at its 25-year history, here. From Slate, an amusing read on orphaned Tweets, here. Speaking of Twitter, the 100 most mentioned brand on the site, here. And finally, something to leave you in stitches:

Props to those whose boredom is converted into something like this:

On an entirely sad note: ‘Kung-Fu’ actor David Carradine found hanged in Thai hotel

Wonder why young people would rather go to malls than vote in the elections?


Which doesn’t make any sense. At all. The Filipino electorate has always been described as afflicted with an acute case of short-term memory loss, but whatever effort to destroy that notion cannot be compensated by a single news item on Erap’s probable chances of clinching the presidency yet again.

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