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“Akala nyo Igorot ako, hindi ako Igorot, tao po ako.”

— Candy Pangilinan, whose joke above at a gig in Baguio prompted the summer capital’s council to declare her persona non grata.

Of course Baguio as a modern city has a slew of problems of its own — not the least being massive environment degradation, overpopulation, overdevelopment, poverty, corruption, and illiteracy, among others — but its city council would rather act swiftly on a comment by a showbiz personality that hurt their sensitive ego than do something more productive like, say, lay more budget on books for schoolchildren. Pangilinan has already apologized to the Igorots on national TV, for crying out loud, what more could this city council possibly want?

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And speaking of politicos with too much time in their hands (and nothing much between their ears), a timely reminder from Jay Contreras, of all people:


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  1. I’m an Igorot who grew up in Sagada, and personally, I’ve taken to forgiving Candy Pangilinan.

    The job of the Baguio City council though, is to look out for the welfare of the people. It’s easy to dismiss what Candy said as political correctness or just egos being hurt, since you’re not an Igorot. But being an Igorot who has repeatedly been mocked due to my ethnicity, I believe the Baguio City council sent a strong message, and their action is an intelligent and heartfelt attempt to right a wrong that was done. IGOROTS, like any other Filipino, deserve to be respected. I’m sure you’d agree as well. It’s a common human right, which Candy simply violated.

    Do we forgive her? DEFINITELY. Is the ban too harsh. NO, IT IS A CONSEQUENCE FOR HER MISTAKE. I still think and hope that she’ll come out a better person due to this incident.

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