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So along with Gengis Khan, Marcus Licinius Crannus, Empress Dowager Cixi, and William Vanderbilt, among other notorious figures, Imelda Romualdez Marcos clinched a spot in Newsweek’s 11 Greediest People of All Time. There were few factual details cited in the weekly’s feature, but overall, the list seemed to have been created based solely on notoriety and infamy. No matter what you think of Imelda, tagging her as the greediest of all time seems a bit of a stretch. Her shoes, to begin with, don’t even measure to the Wall Street bankers whose immense level of greediness has triggered not just the worst global economic crisis post-WWII, but are also at fault for the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost across the globe and the lives ruined as a consequence. Newsweek is lucky Gengis Khan is already dead. Otherwise its editors would have had a taste of the Mongol leader’s sword, if not slapped with a multi-million dollar libel and defamation suit.


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