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sinking-of-japanSinking of Japan is almost a two-hour spectacle of earthquakes rocking seabeds, volcanoes blowing up, roads cracking up, and the whole of Japan literally sinking into the Earth’s mantle. In the process, the Japanese prime minister gets barbecued thousands of feet on air, a violent global anti-Japanese sentiment flares up as the Japanese flock to different nations seeking for refuge, and Japan is betrayed by its closest economic ally, the US. “Sinking of Japan” hurtles through these trajectories and more, and provides sheer cinematic pleasure in its gratuitous, almost maniacal, tendency to blow everything up in every scene: skyscrapers crumbling to the ground, bridges breaking apart, people dying, and cities burning. Based on Sakyo Komatsu’s novel of the same title, “Sinking of Japan” boasts of outstanding CGI, but terribly lacks character development. If only for its overworked imagination and visual effects though, “Sinking of Japan” — like its rather predictable ending — may be far from hopeless.


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