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In an article that appeared in Australia’s The Age in 2007, five Asian cities made the cut in the list of the world’s top 10 digital cities. Based on such criteria as broadband speed, cost, and availability, wireless access, government support, and the pervasiveness of tech culture, among others, Asian cities like Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong easily outranked the rest of major cities in the world. The article is a neat description of how life goes on in those parts, where wi-fi is easily accessible and free, and where forward-thinking developmental policies have dramatically changed the way things work. Lifestyle in these ultra-modern cities — where even garbage bins have digital sensors to detect if they are already filled up so they can be picked up by garbage trucks — is a far cry from the seeming state of changelessness in the Philippines, where even the attempt at building a national broadband network is expectedly scandal-laced with accusations of bribery, high-profile intimidation, golf, and sex. Additionally, whatever development has been achieved is sadly concentrated in urban areas among a fairly voiceless middle class, leaving the majority of the population doing things the same way they were done decades ago. Although hardly citing the Philippines at all, the article on the top tech cities from The Age serves as a sad commentary to the state of affairs in this republic by the Pacific.

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