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burn_after_reading_movie_poster_onesheet_coen_brothers1There is a reason the Coen Brothers are famous for their dark humor: The situations they create in movies like Burn After Reading jolt in your face like crazy. Too, the characters are retarded, getting themselves into mess of all sorts, and in the process almost always ending up digging their own graves. “Intelligence is relative” is the movie’s catchphrase, and it is depicted in various scenes ranging from the hysterical to the pathetic. Now say what you will about Brad Pitt’s portrayal of a dimwit; it is Frances McDormand, however, who ultimately brings the house down, sparing no one – not even the Russian embassy – all in the pursuit of reinventing herself by undergoing multiple cosmetic surgeries. Nothing is ever safe in this movie, and in “Burn After Reading,” the Coen Brothers have proven yet again they’re indeed funny.


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