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Yahoo!Mail officially paves the way for the emergence of the “social inbox” trend, with the introduction of new features similar to that of popular social networking sites, including, among others, getting updates from contacts when they share photos, write reviews, and update status. Yahoo!Mail has likewise introduced third-party apps into its page. including Picnik, ZumoDrive, Flickr, PayPal, and Photobucket, to name a few.

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Today, the ninth day of the ninth month of the year 2009, Noynoy Aquino declares his bid for the presidency. He had previously went on a so-called spiritual retreat to find what he calls “discernment,” making a huge flop joke by trying to conceal a punchline everyone with an IQ above 60 knows too well already. Ultimately if Noynoy’s decision is what constitutes genuine discernment, can everyone just please be demented?

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Currently in repeat mode: “Andar” off the EP Espasoul from sould band Chillitees. From YT:  “Shot almost entirely with wide angle GoProCameras in 9 locations all over the Philippines. We’re all still noobies, really stoked about longboarding, hoping to get better everyday.”

Boy cries real blood (via YouTube)

A cheater’s plea for forgiveness — or attention? (via WP)

Don’t fart during surgery (via BuzzFeed)

Warning: Headache-inducing (via TwitPic)

“Shut Up and Let Me Go” by The Ting Tings (via YouTube)

Life is cheap (via Yahoo!News)

Philippines ‘Stone-Age’ men stick to story (via AFP)

Yeah, like, how lame.


Yep, the dude’s got balls. Nicolifavs ftw!

More here from the dude himself:

Botanists discover new rat-eating plant (via CNN)

May pasok ba? (maypasokba)

Gickr (gickr)

This is a crazy planets (via spot)

10 things I don’t believe in (via Gout-Stricken Pilgrim)

Photo-crashing squirrel (via BoingBoing)

MegaWhoosh (via YouTube)

See, this is why YouTube is a hit to everyone: it’s got everything from contemporary alternative like this from The Shins:

…and classic relics from bygone days like this from the irrepressible Nina Simone:

Until recently, men were under no particular obligation to exhibit bulging deltoids and shredded abdominals; that all changed, said David Zinczenko, the editor of Men’s Health, when women moved into the work force in numbers. “The only ripples Ralph Kramden” and successors like Mike Brady of “The Brady Bunch” had to demonstrate were in their billfolds, said Mr. Zinczenko, himself a dogged crusader in the battle of the muffin top. “But that traditional male role has changed.”

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Some people don’t get the point of this vid. Screw ’em.